• Anti Fog Spray
  • Anti Fog Spray
  • Anti Fog Spray
  • Anti Fog Spray
  • Anti Fog Spray

Anti Fog Spray

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By just spraying and wiping, you will get rid of irritating glass fog in a flash. If you apply it to a glass in advance, it will prevent dust and smoke from sticking to the glass which also causes fogging.

A specially formulated solution that keeps goggles and eyeglasses clean and fog free, giving you better visibility. Simply spray on any goggle, mask, or eyeglass lens and wipe clean. Efficient solid anti-mist repellent does not leave any traces on the surfaces after coating.

The coating is designed to get fog-free properties for:

  • internal car window
  • auto windshield
  • vehicle and home mirror
  • spectacle glasses
  • ski & snowboarding goggles
  • any eye protection goggles at work
  • motorbike helmet and visor
  • dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks
  • sports goggles, safety goggles, binoculars, and so much more.

Key Features:

  • Surface gets invisible protection film
  • Reliably protects glass and plastic surfaces from fogging in an automotive window or home bath mirror
  • The coating is completely invisible
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • The product is environmental and human-friendly
  • Easy to use

Preparation of surface and usage of product:

  • The surface must be completely clean, dry and free from grease and water.
  • The bottle contains a small sponge containing an anti-fog formula. 
  • Simply add 15ml of clean water. 
  • Shake well before using.
  • Spray evenly and buff, wipe it with a soft cloth on the surface.


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